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From Jean Paul Sailmakers & Riggers we are pleased to announce that we are the official sailmakers of this beautiful project; Although our history with the Gipsy began at the end of the 70s, when our Master sailmaker Jean Paul, (then called trapajero) was already designing the sails for this precious classic and it continues to be so today.
By informing the owner of our new project, there was no doubt that we would continue to design the sails of the Gipsy, El Giraldilla and all the classics that are rescued by the foundation.

Gipsy1927 2
Gipsy 3
Gipsy1927 Botellas
Gipsy 4
Gipsy1927 destilería
Clásicos Baleares
Gipsy1927 Destilería 2
Regata clásicos 1
Gipsy1927 Botellas 2
Regata clásicos 3
170817 Vela Clasica Mallorca0233.jpg


The Gipsy has been sailing the seas since 1927, accumulating miles of navigation and of moments of upwind. Illustrious sailors garrisoned sails and lashed fishing rods while they sipped exceptional drinks on the deck.
These experiences encouraged us to create a company that safeguarded these traditions and promoted classic sailing. To do this, the first thing was to create a company in the Food and Beverages sector that, with the income from their work, would fund this objective. With an unrivaled social background and growth greater than expected, it led to the birth of the Fundación Vela Clásica de España, whose objective is the promotion, conservation and promotion of sailing in Spain.
Through the foundation we have started, in 2019, to promote a diversity of regattas, both sport and classic sailing, and events aimed at promoting the nautical sport of sailing. Its purpose is to expand the number of sponsorships and activities that promote the sport of sailing in our country. To this objective we must add the promotion of the restoration of boats, through associations committed to the less favored sectors.

Untitled design(11).png

If by drinking a #GinTonic from our brand we get people interested in competing or going out sailing in Classic Sailing boats like the Gipsy, we will have successfully achieved what we were looking for.

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